Residential Solar

Not using solar is same as wasting the electricity and your money.
Believe in us because we believe in the future.

You can reduce your electricity bill to a great extent by using with Solar energy. Apart from saving using Solar energy is a great contribution to the environment.

Our experienced team will guide you through the whole concept of Solar panels so that you can understand why it is best for you and our mother earth. We want to enlighten every home of Australia with the most economical and Eco-friendly power.

Our services and commitment

Complete residential solutions

We have products for all scales and you can customize your solar panels according energy requirements , roof dimensions, and budget. We offer 3, 5, and 10 kW residential solar systems and we promise to deliver you the best quality products.

Accredited Installation

All our systems are installed by CEC Accredited Installers. This guarantees a compliant and a safe installation of solar panels on your roof. What’s more, we also offer great warranty on our workmanship to leave no stones unturned when it comes to your safety, well-being and peace of mind.

No lock in

We want every household in Australia to be Solar equipped so that we can together contribute for a better future. When you choose our services, feel free because we are here to care for you.

Performance at its best

With our products you promise the world that you will contribute in reducing carbon footprint and saving electricity.

Easy financing

If you want a financing option we have it for you. You can purchase our products with finance options so that you can migrate to solar power without making it havy on your pocket.