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We guarantee to install a high-performing solar system that will maximize customers’ return on the solar energy investment. To ensure our customers get the best deal with the premium quality at the same time, we only choose the best products from the world’s leading manufacturers; we evaluate solar components on these parameters, namely production, durability and manufacturer quality.

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  • Guaranteed Panel Performance
    Our solar panels have a 25 years performance warranty.

  • Workmanship Warranties
    Your system comes with a 5 years workmanship warranty.

  • Manufacturer Warranties
    We use high quality PV panels developed by industry-leading manufacturers.

  • A Lifetime of Support
    We’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of your solar home.

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How much money can I save with a solar power system?

How much money you’ll save when you start using solar power depends on a few factors including your location, solar panel placement, current electric consumption, and when you use the most electricity. In the most ideal of conditions, a household can save a conservative estimate of $150 per billing cycle.

The great thing about switching to solar is that the longer you use it, the more money you’ll save. In a few years’ time, most households are able to recover the upfront cost of their solar power installation. From that point, their savings only grow bigger as they

For a more accurate calculation of how much your household or business can save, talk to one of our solar experts.

How many years does it take to recover the cost if I pay for my solar upfront?

On average, it takes a household with a 6.6KW solar power system 2-5 years to recoup the installation expenses. Some of the things that affect this timeframe are your location, solar power placement, and consumption habits. Households that consume more electricity during daylight hours save more and thus recover what they spent for the installation more quickly.

Savvy Solar offers Zero Initial Deposit and Interest-Free Installment Plans to help you transition to clean energy more quickly. Installation fees can vary depending on the region.

How many solar panels does my home need?

The number of solar panels needed for your home largely depends on two things: how much power you want to generate and your roof size.

Our 6.6KW solar power system mounted on a north-facing roof that gets about 5 hours of sunlight generates 25-30KW of electricity daily– that’s enough to power a home with up to 4 bedrooms.

This particular system requires around 24 solar panels and will need a roof space of roughly 24m².

What if I don’t have enough roof space? A straightforward solution to this problem is to get more efficient solar panels. Request a call back from one of our solar experts to get advice about the best brands to use.

What are the maintenance costs of a solar power system?

A high-quality solar system that is properly installed won’t need a lot of maintenance through its lifespan of up to 30 years, apart from the annual cleaning of the panels.

Savvy Solar is a CEC-certified installer so you can be certain that all installations are carried out professionally, safely, and within standards. Our installations also come with a 10-year workmanship warranty to ensure that your system runs smoothly and your savings are maximized.

Moreover, solar panels, inverters, and batteries made by reputable brands are covered by their respective manufacturer’s warranties. In the unlikely event of a factory defect or underperformance, we can facilitate the repair or replacement of the component, whichever the warranty covers.

What is the environmental impact of using solar energy?

A solar power system can generate emission-free power for more than 25 years. In its lifetime, a solar system emits only 40 g of CO2 per KWH while coal belches out up to 1000 g of CO2 per KWH. The difference is simply staggering.

By switching to the clean energy that solar produces, you can make a difference in the air quality in your area and help slow down the deathly effects of climate change.

Additional information

This Solar System Promotion is available for standard metropolitan based installations only. Price is after Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) have been assigned to Savvy Solar Pty Ltd T/A Savvy Solar or its agents. Any additional extras including but not limited to double story, roof type, meter box upgrades or three phase power, may attract additional charges. *Price beat offer applies to local competitor advertised quotes only and must be for identical goods. T&C’s apply.